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Project Unbreakable


An art project can mean many things to me. If it communicates an idea, is emotional, interactive and visual then to me, it’s an art project. For these reasons I would have to say Project Unbreakable is not only a community, a support unit, but also an art project worldwide.

Reading the sentences, looking into peoples eyes as you see the pain, but also the strength and watching the video makes you heartbroken, but it also makes you proud of how people refuse to be broken and how strong they truly are. I want to hug each of the people and tell them thank you. Thank you for being our strength, and hope.

You are all our rocks.



This piece has been completed for a few weeks now, but haven’t had a minute to share it. This was created for a dear friend of mine who went out and purchased me some sketchbooks and pens as a birthday present. I do love my friends! There are three images of the process, the last being the final product.




Through Darkness & Light


I need to catch up on some blogging, don’t I? I have truly been awful lately with showing you guys the pieces I’ve completed and explaining my thought process. Life does take over sometimes, doesn’t it?

Continuing in the dark mood I was in since my art piece, “Raw”, I created something haunting. ‘Through Darkness & Light’ is a complicated art piece where I try and merge both sides, light and dark, into one. Dismay and depression into hope and faith. The escape of the orderly into an abstract soul. The ability to let go of one’s fears and be set free. If you look closely the empty space in the designed pattern look like little arrows which moves your eyes from them up through the art piece, as if you are floating, into the whiteness of what some may feel is hope of a better tomorrow.

Through Darkness & Light



This piece may be the piece that best describes my personality to date. It’s hard to put into words how my mind works, and to be honest, I’m not even sure it is possible, but creating this piece became somewhat obsessive to me. So obsessive that almost 5 days later I feel the pain in my fingers and wrists.

I started it out with paint strokes and left it for a few days wondering what to do next. Should I leave it empty, paint the entire piece the same way, or do something semi different? It finally simply came to me. The best way to describe the piece is by either looking at it as destruction, something being torn down, creating chaos, or construction, something being built from chaos. Your experiences in life, and who you are will decide which way you look at it.

I think for myself it’s both, construction and destruction simultaneously. While something may be breaking down, something else can be being built. Either way you try looking at it something is coming from something else. Something is being created from another, be it from an organized and well thought out thought, to an abstract, chaotic one. For these reasons I named the piece “Rebirth”. It is the rebirthing of something into something else. A chance to look at things differently, whether it be more abstractly or in a more organized manner.

A 3.2 feet x 2 feet mixed media art piece. What do you guys think?


Samantha Keely Smith


I stumbled upon Samantha Keely Smith’s website  and fell in love with her work. The subtle way she tries to combine realism with abstract by using color, brush strokes and thickness of paint allures you into her art pieces. A few of the pieces seem to fight for you to understand what exactly it is making you feel, yet you realize that is the concept of her work, feelings. So full of energy, soul, and expression, her pieces mesmerize you into a dream like state and in some ways put you in a trance where you want to explore each inch of the painting.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces:








These last few days have been sort of a blur for me with work being so stressful and needing some sort of outlet. You guys that know me, know that I have a thing for simple lines and these last few days have proven it to any who have questioned. I think its the calming effect it has on me, where I feel as though I enter into some sort of trance of some sorts. Call it a trance, meditation, or just sheer and utter focus, but either way I wake up realizing hours have passed by. With a sore neck and back, I walk away at peace. Sometimes I wonder if with all the back pain if it’s worth it, and I have to say, it is.

A watercolor and pen art piece, heres a few pictures of the entire process. As of now I have called it “Heat”, but I’m still not entirely sure.


photo (4)




Vaginas – The Taboo Subject


Vaginas. A powerful word in all cultures, where people take offense, women feel empowered, and others cringe at the mere thought of them. It truly surprises me how an organ can have so much power over so many people. Coming from an Arab country there is a lot of phobia and conservatism towards females in general. Where honor killings happen everyday and where you are treated differently depending on wether you are lucky enough to be born with a vagina or not. Where women seem to deal with so much and get so little in return. Watching so many women in my life have this inner strength, dealing with situations that seem impossible and being able not only to get through them, but come out of them shinning.

Maybe this is what I am trying to study. The strength of women. One thing all women have in common that men don’t, that puts us in a category of being the lesser sex, the weaker sex, and the sex that should obey is our vagina. So much controversy comes from that simple word that I feel like I need to show not only its beauty, but its truth. The truth behind dealing with the sexism, the oppression, and the strength of all.

I’m not quite sure where this is going, and honestly if it will go anywhere. I have so many different ideas to deal with this, yet nothing seems right just yet. I’m not looking to be tacky, or vulgar, on the contrary, I want to be able to make women around the world proud. Proud of not only being a women, but for being who they each are individually. I want to make a man look at my pieces and be proud to know that they came into the world from one of them. To look at his mother, sister, wife, colleagues, and strangers and respect, love, and cherish every one of them knowing that they are his equal. Not better, and definitely not worse than a man.

This is a start to the study. A sketch I created a few months ago that I tried to bring in the beauty and complexity of women. I’m not sure of it’s obviousness, but I must say it is a start. What do you guys think?


A Pencil Affair


I’ve been trying my hardest to work with pencil lately. I have some incredibly talented friends who love working in pencil, and seeing their work simply inspires me to push myself in areas that seem so intimidating to me. I am confident with colors. I know how to work with them, hot to blend them together, and how to express myself through them. I can create texture, and build up thickness. Give me a pencil, and I find myself lost. I don’t know how to even start, and I become frustrated. I have been trying my hardest to bringing in pencil into my work, for the mere idea of challenging my fears. It has been quite a journey, one that is yet intimidating to me, but I have been progressing. 

I’m not sure why I call this piece “A Pencil Affair”, but it seemed to fit the situation I felt I was in. A sketchbook piece that I think I could expand into a larger piece when the time seems right. I’m proud to say no color in this piece! What do you guys think? Any ideas, comments or suggestions?


Strange Beauties – Jen Mann Paintings


I came across a Canadian artists work called Jen Mann and thought they were so inspiring and beautiful that I had to share. My favorite pieces are from her series “Strange Beauties”. You can check her website for more work and information. I am absolutely in love!