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I have been trying to organize an international interactive art project for a year now, and I find that its finally about time it is launched. I had joined a topic based social network called Flapon a few months ago and the people on this website have been incredibly inspirational and encouraging concerning everything I have written about. So I decided to introduce them to my idea and see what they thought.

The encouragement and excitement I received when I posted my Flap was amazing! People truly wanted to be part of something bigger then the usual mundane things in life. To be able to interact with someone across the world has such an exotic appeal. So, I decided the first art piece would start with them. This is an open project of course, but I had to give first dibs to the incredible people on Flapon!

What is this project I speak of? Well let me tell you!

Its called Traveling Thoughts and I took my inspiration from Postsecret. I have always felt people seem to walk through life never truly examining their feelings and avoid some of their own thoughts. What best way to make them explore it without being judged, but by putting it down in a sketchbook!

Someone who has used the sketchbook before you will mail it to you and you are responsible for one page in it. I want you to explore your emotions and thoughts and put them down, in any form, on one page of the sketchbook. You can paint, draw, write, add objects (to an extent), images, pictures, anything. What is nice about this is anyone can get involved, you do not need to be an artist, or know how to draw for this to work!

The rules of the project are:

1 ) You can use ONE page (front side only), this way none of your work gets on someone elses page.

2 ) Use tissue (paper tissue) or tracing paper to cover your page (that way it doesnt leak on someone elses page). Do not tape it, just place it on your page.

3 ) Ship it using any method (Im assuming UPS would be best) that allows you to track it. This is important. When you send it, I want you to send me the day you sent it or at least the tracking information so I know where it is, and if it ended up in the other persons hands. This helps if something happens where someone loses it, steals it, and so on.

4 ) You have 3 days from the time you receive it to create your page. This is long enough to get something done, and short enough that it doesnt collect dust and you forget where you placed it.

5 ) Create a page anyway you like that shows what you are feeling, thinking that day or at that moment. You can attach what you like (to an extent), do a collage, write, add pictures, If you write something, thats fine, but I dont want it plain text. Create something, anything. You do NOT have to be an artist to be able to create your page, please remember that. Whatever you do it the page needs to still be attached to the sketchbook!

6 ) The project is open to anyone, so if you see this later on, send me a message letting me know you are interested. I want this to continue until the sketchbook is filled.

7 ) Send me your addresses, and I will try and figure out which person is closest to you so you can send it to them.. I may need help on that. You can send me your name, email address and contact information on the contact section of my blog. Please write “Traveling Thoughts” in the subject line.

8 ) Tracking. When you send it, make sure to get it tracked and send me the tracking information please. This is VERY important.

9 ) TAKE CARE OF THE SKETCHBOOK. I can not emphasize this enough guys. This is a really big step for everyone to write what they feel in an atmosphere where everyone is open and nice. I dont want my sketchbook lost, stolen, or ruined in any way…

10 ) Do not tamper with anyones pages.

11 ) You will need to sign a contract and send it back to me stating that you accept the terms, and so on. This is to insure (or try to) the safety of the sketchbook.


Im super excited about this, and I hope everyone reading this is as well! Please feel free to share the information to others, Tweet it, Facebook it, and share it in any way possible! Looking forward to starting this!


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  1. sounds very exciting!
    would love to be a part of this 🙂
    I’m in Doha, Qatar – lemme know when it’s ‘in da hood’…

    • Hi Cyriac!

      Thank you for your interest and I am looking forward to you contributing a page to this project! Please make sure to tell your friends, family and anyone else so they can become part of this epic project! =)

  2. dudes! you stole my idea! i so did this in high school. i bought scetchbook and took around the school and got all my artistic friends to draw something in it. it was fun. i should get my comunity scetchbook back out and start getting some more scetches.

    • Hi!

      Its not exactly the same concept as yours actually. The idea for this project is ANYONE can get involved. Its to encourage creativity and to make people understand that each one of us is an artist, even if we dont know it yet! Though, your idea sounds fabulous as well! You should definitely start sketching again, and please tell your friends and family about this project! I would love for you to participate! Thank you! 🙂

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