Stitching to create photo-sculptures


“There’s a dynamic in what happens between the photograph, the embroidery on top, and you standing in front looking at it. I try never to completely cover a face, you can always still see the face underneath. There are no rules other than I always leave one or both eyes open. Nothing is bigger in my head than a face, it’s the best landscape we can look at. It’s all to do with the centre, the body. Like a costume or other identity, my work reveals something that is behind the face that suddenly becomes in front. It’s like a mask – not a mask you put on, but something that grows out of you. It’s what the photo is telling you and what you want to read in the photos. I get my ideas from many different sources: it could be theater, or someone dressed up on the tube, a tribe in Papua New Guinea, or Versace. It’s never one specific thing.”

Maurizio Anzeri

I stumbled across Maurizio Anzeri and fell in love at first site! His work is pure eye candy! An Italian artist, Anzeri is known to say “As long as something creates a reaction it’s alive”. What makes art to me is the ability to create a piece that makes someone react, whether it be a good or bad reaction, so you can understand why his work has taken up part of my heart. His photo-sculptures are elegant yet they demand your attention. The vibrant colors leave you craving more and wondering who these people in the pictures are, what they were like, and if the colors truly represent their personalities when they were that age.


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