Its on its way!


Traveling Thoughts sketchbook is on its way! I handed it to one of my good friends, a brilliant artist and such an inspiring person tonight! Please check out his blog at:

Its on its way people and I couldn’t be more excited (trust me, people are telling me to calm down!), nervous, and terrified! So much is racing through my mind and there is so much to do! I truly believe people will take this as a personal way of expressing themselves and understand that a lot of people around the world are depending on them and trusting them with this sketchbook. I know how it feels to poor your heart and soul into something and being extremely proud of what you create, so I am hoping everyone will take care of this sketchbook and of each others work. With so many people excited about this project and interested in being a part of it, im positive it will turn into such a huge inspiration for others.

All my life I have felt the need to inspire others through my art and this seemed like a perfect way to get others to inspire the world as well. When I used to teach art, I insisted on my students understanding that inside each and every one of us is an artist and is a creative person. We simply need to dig deep and let that person out. This project was started in the hopes that people can contribute to something they never thought they had in them and in the process begin to understand themselves a little more and believe in themselves as creative people.

Its simple. You get one page (just the front of the page), and you create. Create what you ask? Thats up to you. Simply show me how you are feeling and  or, what you are thinking the days you have the sketchbook. I want to emphasize you do NOT need to be an artist, or able to draw, paint, and whatnot. This is a project for everyone. You can write  a story, write a poem that means something to you, use pictures to express your feelings, truly anything goes. The only thing I ask is for you to take care of the sketchbook and to not vandalize anybody’s work. Do not take offense by their pieces, and lets be accepting of everyone’s masterpieces.

Then you package it up and send it to the next person! Make sure to track the package and send it back to me so we all are guaranteed that our work is getting to the right place. If the person lives near you and you would rather meet them the pay to ship it, then let me know and I will ask the person if they feel comfortable with that. If not then you must ship it.

In the next few days I will post a contract that must be signed and returned stating you understand the rules and agree to them. They are simple rules already posted on the information page of the Facebook Fan Page:

Below are pictures taken of when I handed the sketchbook to Ahmad! Enjoy! 🙂

Again, thank you all for such wonderful support! Please continue to talk about this, share it, tweet it, subscribe and like the page! Tell others about it so we can keep this going and send out more sketchbooks!

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