Sketchbook is in the US of A



Traveling Thoughts is finally in the US of A! It has been delivered to the 3rd person in Oxford, Mississippi, who will work on it for 3 days, hand it to his girlfriend and a few friends and then ship it to some friends of mine in Starville, Mississippi. I have uploaded a map on the Facebook Fan Page ( so people can track the sketchbook and see how long it will take to get to them!

The sketchbook is on its way to people who have been friends of mine for years, family members, and even strangers and I feel so connected to each one of them. I can only imagine the feeling I will have going through the sketchbook and seeing such amazing work in every page! If you are still interested in being part of the project, then please contact me! There will be another sketchbook shipped out from Amman, Jordan next week and will start in Hawaii and move to Florida, Arizona, California and through Canada!

Looking forward to this! Thank you all for your amazing support! ❤
Click the link below =)

Traveling Thoughts Project



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