The Mako Project



I talked to an inspiring man about a project his friends and himself are involved in. Its called the Mako Project. Taking this from their Facebook Fan Page, it states ” The Mako Project is a group consisting of Founder Matthew Tuppen, and Co-Founder, Niko Monjarez. Their philosophy on life has lead them down a path to create a group that follows them and their endeavors throughout their lives. They pledge to make a lifetime commitment to motivating others. Hopefully in a way that will enable others to follow a path that will lead them towards true happiness, while remembering the importance of respect, hard work, and human kindness.
The Mako Project is something they hope will continue to grow forever, gaining publicity with every project and hopefully turning a major profit over time that can be used for charitable projects worldwide.”

“There is no way this will be easy, or happen over night, but that’s part of the point. Nothing in life that is truly worth having will come easy. Doing this I may never become some wealthy businessman, but if our story and our cause helps even just one kid who feels different or out casted to take the reigns in his life and follow his dreams and be happy. Then I know I made my time on Earth worthwhile…”
–Matthew Tuppen-
Founder, The Mako Project.

” Inspiring those to follow their dreams, one city at a time” is Mako Project’s motto. What an incredible and brilliant idea. I tend to like things that are sort of unconventional in thinking but that leads to great and inspiring results and I truly have to say that this project seems like an amazing way of getting in touch with people around the world and showing small acts of kindness that will hopefully have a domino effect. Below is a video they created on their journey. Subscribe and follow their incredible journey.

Please check their Facebook Fan page,, like it, and support them through this incredible, life long adventure in finding happiness for themselves, and for others.

Good luck guys, where ever in the world you are!




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