Inspiration from a Music Master


“Music is what emotions sound like!” Truer words have never been spoken.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know a great DJ these last couple of years. Omar Abu Ayyash, aka ABU, is an audio engineer lecturer at SAE Amman, specializing in Post Production as well as Music Production. Omar has played on the radio in Argentina, Canada, Qatar, and  Jordan, and the excitement he brings with him when he teaches about music and when speaking to him has always intrigued me. He describes himself as an audioholic, fascinated with everything audio. Omar grew up as a musician and started playing piano at the young age of 6, he later moved on to be an electronic music producer (Tribal Tech House) and DJ. 

I have always been curious how other creative people get themselves out of ruts, where they seek inspiration and what makes them create. With Omar it was simple, he explained that music falls under a big umbrella called Noise, or if you will, Elctro-Acoustics, which is the study of sounds, naturally and electronically. When he finds himself in a rut, he usually lets loose and lets the music take him where ever it does. He finds that taking it out on production is also a great way for him to vent. It makes sense, we all listen to music to move us one way or another.

He believes that the classics will always be the classics for the reason that they are the root of all music we know today. We always build our work based on past ideas. We do this with art, music, even world issues. History is what makes us and without understanding it how can we create something even better? We cant.

Omar, aka ABU, believes in doing what you love, no matter what. He believes that if you nourish your passions and work in a field that you like, it never feels like work. That your passions are more of an expression and that nothing feels better then expressing yourself, wether through painting, music, singing, dance, etc. Through all that he also believes that knowledge and an education goes a really long way, and that a person should learn the basics before attempting to express. He went on to say that learning to be open to a lot of criticism and channeling that criticism will make you become better at what you do. Advice any person in any field of work should consider. 

 One last thing he left me with was this, “Music was, is, and always will be the universal language of mankind. Problem is not everyone realizes to what extent they understand this language, wether it was written, read, or expressed”.  Music is the most abstract forms of art there is, especially when its instrumental. To feel the beats moving through your body and mind is to feel a small slice of heaven. 

I wanted to blog about ABU because he has the same passion towards music as I have towards art in general. His work is fabulous and I have spent countless nights streaming him online and listening to his work. Please check him out, support him, and share his music with others! He is an inspiration to me, as well as to his students and countless others!

You can find his amazing work at: Go forth, listen and follow =)

Much love ABU, and I wish you all the best in everything you do and create! 

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Omar aka ABU, posted with vodpod

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