Minimalism + Art


Anyone that knows me, knows that I have a passion for color that are probably not healthy… Actually, I feel its very healthy! Color does things to life that nothing else can. It conveys different emotions, it reminds us of things, it livens or darkens an object, or a moment. What is color but light? Im one of those people that squeals in excitement when I see a ton of vibrant colors, rainbows make me happy, and seeing reflections can mesmerize me for hours.

Ive always had a passion for minimal art. Art that can convey an idea, or an emotion by using the most minimal thing possible. To be able to say so much with so little has always fascinated me. So, when I come across an artist, Eric Cohon, that uses light to capture beautiful colors and make his work as minimal as possible while still keeping the audience captivated, I have got to share! I want to buy large prints of his work and stare at them all day!

Check out the New York-based artists work below, and go to his website here:


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