Traveling Thoughts Route


A lot of you guys dont have Facebook and so cant see the route for the sketchbooks, so I decided to list them here for you guys. If you do have Facebook and wanted to keep updated on the whole project and where the sketchbooks are, go to

Sketchbook 1:

  1.  Amman, Jordan
  2. Oxford, Mississippi, USA
  3. Starkville, Mississippi, USA
  4. Pensacola, Florida, USA
  5. Kissimmee, Florida, USA
  6. Deltona, Florida, USA
  7. Wellington, Florida, USA
  8. Miami, Florida, USA
  9. Marietta, Georgia, USA
  10. Champaign, Illinois, USA
  11. Rushville, Illinois, USA
  12. Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA
  13. Livonia, Michigan, USA
  14. Wyoming, Michigan, USA
  15. North East, Pennsylvania, USA
  16. Quakertown, Pennsylvania, USA
  17. Kearny, New Jersey, USA
  18. Farmingdale, New Jersey, USA
  19. New York, United States
  20. Staten Island, New York, USA
  21. Brooklyn, New York, USA
  22. Woodmere, New York, USA
  23. Buffalo, New York, USA
  24. North Adams, Massachusetts, USA
  25. Lynn, Massachusetts, USA
  26. South Hamilton, Massachusetts, USA
  27. Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
  28. Leicester, England, United Kingdom
  29. Cambridge, England, United Kingdom
  30. Berkshire, England, United Kingdom
  31. Norsborg, Sweden
Sketchbook 2:
  1. Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
  2. Arlington, Texas, USA
  3. Kilgore, Texas, USA
  4. Houston, Texas, USA
  5. San Marcos, Texas, USA
  6. Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
  7. Tempe, Arizona, USA
  8. Chandler, Arizona, USA
  9. Chino, California, USA
  10. Downey, California, USA
  11. Los Angeles, California, USA
  12. Glendale, California, USA
  13. Studio City, Los Angeles, California, USA
  14. Morgan Hill, California, USA
  15. San Jose, California, USA
  16. Santa Clara, California, USA
  17. Milpitas, California, USA
  18. Cupertino, California, USA
  19. Sunnyvale, California, USA
  20. Newark, California, USA
  21. Aptos, California, USA
  22. Pleasanton, California, USA
  23. Berkeley, California, USA
  24. San Francisco, California, USA
  25. Antioch, California, USA
  26. Rigby, Idaho, USA
  27. Tacoma, Washington, USA
  28. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
  29. North York, Toronto, Canada
  30. Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  31. Oromocto, New Brunswick, Canada
  32. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
 The other two sketchbooks are traveling by hand, so there are no addresses. If you are interested in being involved, please let me know so I can route it past your place! E-mail me at:, also, if your town, country, or state isnt on the list, please contact me and I’ll route it to you! Thanks!

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  1. It’s good to see that it’s slowly making its way around the world. I speak for the Lynn and South Hamtilton addresses under Sketchbook #1 when I say that we can’t wait to see what people have added, and we can’t wait to add our own page!

    • Thank you! It is being somewhat slow, but thats okay, at least it is moving! If you are interested in starting right away and have a few people who are interested in working on it, then Im more then happy to send you information on how to do that! =)

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