Sorry its taken me so long to update the project. Its been insane trying to keep track of all the sketchbooks that are going around and make sure everyone has it for 3 days and doesnt take longer. Has there been any bumps in the road? Of course, as any project would have. I am proud to say that people have really been very excited in the whole concept, and are willing to do what it takes to keep the sketchbooks moving and alive.

Im happy to say that two sketchbooks are in the States right now. One just got passed to someone in Illinois, and the other is traveling to reach a girl who has been waiting patiently by for it. The one in Amman just got passed to a man whose daughters are super excited to be part of the project, while others wait in line for it to move to them. I am sorry its been taking a while, but the whole idea of the project is to get it from someone who has had it, it makes the sketchbook feel like it has a soul.

I have been contacted by a sweet girl in Dubai who wants to work on one right away! She offered to purchase a sketchbook, get others involved, get it filled and to send it back! Im so excited that people are really getting into it! If you would like to start right away, then by all means contact me at travelingthoughtsproject@gmail.com and I can send you the information. When its finished, just mail it to me!

Below are some images of people who have been involved in the project! Please send me pictures of you guys with the sketchbook, I would love to show the world where the sketchbook is and where its going! Thank you!

I know its taking forever to reach some of you guys, but please have some patience, Im still trying to figure out a way to get it to people quicker! If you would like to start, feel free to contact me and we can discuss a way of getting you working on one soon! The project is coming along, slowly, but it is traveling!


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