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Im sitting here with my cup of coffee and three hours of sleep wondering what makes me stay up so late and get up so early but my art work. I’ve been living in Amman, Jordan for the past three years and I have noticed somewhat a change in my attitude towards my art work. We have this saying, I guess I would call it a saying, that says “Inch’Alla”, which means God willing. We use it all the time. For everything. If we are serious about doing something, or if we arent. If we want to shut someone up whose nagging us about getting something done, or if we truly believe its Gods will we do it or not.

Its gotten to the point where people seem to talk about all these great ideas, and all the work they want to do, and say inch’Alla and never do any of it. They want to change the world, they want to create street art that makes people slam on their breaks while driving, they want to create music that moves the Arab world and so on. Dont get me wrong, Im sure it happens everywhere, but being here, Ive been thinking a lot about it. For a long time I was the same. All ideas, no action. What gets us there? What makes us talk about our dreams and our ideas, and what stops us from it? Is it fear of the unknown? Of not being able to accomplish what we said? Do we simply like to talk the talk but not walk the walk?

Im happy that Im having sleepless nights just because of this. I seem to have gotten out of that rut and am working. I finished up an art piece and worked on a business card for a friend. Then started another art piece and will finish it today. Why cant all days be so good? Do I just need inspiration? I really do wish the world was filled more with art work. Why cant streets be filled with murals, sculptures and the likes? I guess thats my little utopia.

Keep working people. Keep designing, and keep creating. Even if you are generating unsatisfactory work, at least you are generating! Now, back to my art piece!


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  1. Beautiful… I’ve been up writing my essay, and it keeps getting interrupted by random nostalgia, or the desire to create from my sudden remembrances of my mothers old apartment and images of the times when i used to listen to certain music. I mean, I know you’re going through something different, but i guess we connect in a way… being up late at night, haunted by our dreams, or our past, or our art…

    • I think a lot of people can relate to this. We all go through a lot in our lives and we try to grab at strings to keep sane. The way I cope is by doing my art. Others write, and so on. I think its great your getting all these memories, you should create something with all of this! Maybe find certain things that remind you of it, an image of a similar piece of furniture or something. Create a collage, with writings of your feelings… It would be beautiful! =)

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