Inspiration from Santa Clara


If you havent noticed, I have a thing for art. I love it. I also love people who talk about art, create art, or have anything to do with the creative world. Josh Gillick from Santa Clara, California is one of those kinds of people. Not only is he an Art Director and Filmmaker, but he paints on the side too! Loving oil paints, but starting out using acrylics, Josh feels that painting has always been the basis for everything else he does from color, composition to storytelling.

Most people find inspiration from other artists, but Josh seems to get his inspiration from random things that aren’t art related. He uses everyday life to inspire him and constantly has 7-8 different kinds of projects going on at a time. He finds that when stuck in a rut, he switches to another project or runs the problem by his parents, whom are also artistic. He is one of those artists who loves to do what he does for the love of creating. He creates artwork for himself, but if in the process,  it effects another person positively, then its a bonus.

He sometimes paints because there is a wall that needs filling and hes got an awesome idea for it, other times he comes across a photo and the pose, light, and texture are so great that he knows a painting could take advantage of its intensity. Other times, the simple urge to create something… anything, takes over him.

His advice to others is simply to play with it. To put time in it, that no artist just woke up being great, they had an affinity for it and put in a ton of time. He laughs when he hears the line “I can’t even draw a straight line”, because he’s never drawn a straight line either. You don’t have to make a career out of art. Simply being happy creating it and that you have a talent that others don’t have should be all you need. People seem to give up when they cant become famous, or they cant sell their pieces, and move on to other things, but what we should learn from Josh is the simple love of the art form, be it painting, or anything else, should be nurtured, worked on and used to inspire us to push forward in life. Be that where ever in life we may be.

To check out his work, go to


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