I am officially in love. Yes, with a website. Well, it’s between Pinterest and StumbleUpon, and they both are competing for my attention pretty hard!

If you don’t know what Pinterest is, then stop all what you are doing, or stop all you are doing AFTER reading my post, and go discover the wonders of it. It is a pin-board style photo sharing website. You find photos of things you like and you pin it on different themed boards. For instance, I have a design board, where I pin design related photos. I also have a shoe board, where I pin beautiful shoes I shall one day own, even if they are in my dreams!

The idea is simple enough yet pure brilliance. Think of it as mood boards if you are a designer or artist. You create a board with a certain mood you are trying to build into a piece. The website helps creative people with inspiration, its a go to sort of website to look at photos you pinned that inspire you. You can also create boards for different projects you are working on and simply go to it without worrying about losing all the data you gathered from on your computer. You can also repin other peoples pins and follow people you are interested in.  All photos are linked to the original spot you got it from off the internet. I absolutely love simple, helpful and inspiring websites, and this is one of them.

Only problem is, it has shown me how obsessive and OCD I am… But what artist and designer isn’t? =)

If you are interested in following me, click here!

Happy pinning!



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