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“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up” 

-Pablo Picasso

I’ve been thinking a lot about creativity and education. How creativity seems to always be at the bottom of the importance list when it comes to schools. The Arts is always the first to be cut out when school budgets are tight, and I have never been able to understand that. Im not saying that other subjects should be cut out first either, but how the arts is thought of scares me. Without the arts programs, we end up with students that understand logic and logic alone. 1+1=2, and that theres only one way to get to that answer.

I’ve always said that one day people will come to realize how important creativity is. Without it we wouldn’t have the internet, computers, or anything really! Was there math, or science in the equation? yes, of course, but without thinking up the idea, being creative, there would have been no idea to work through. Not giving enough attention to creativity, allowing a child to be creative will eventually damage society. Imagine a world filled with black and white, and no gray areas.. actually no colored areas for that matter! How miserable and unexciting that would be!

Below is a TED video of Sir Ken Robinson and his talk on “Do Schools Kill Creativity?”. It is an excellent look on the lack of  creativity and how the unpredictability of education is scary. He makes an excellent point that we need to create an education that nurtures creativity and that doesnt undermine it.

What are your thoughts on creativity and education? Do you believe it should be nurtured more?


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  1. As a boisterous child, I never envisioned the loss of my creativity. Through a childhood of hardships and trialing times I would constantly resort to pencil art and music. The gray tones of the pencil art and my illustrations would really capture my emotions at the time. My music was mainly in lyrics, and was riveting to those that were able to read it.

    Now, at 26 and a product of Public Education, I’ve been separated in entirety from that trait I was embellished in so long ago. Public Education seems to be a real demise of culture and societal enhancement through creativity and spiritualism. Many of us are getting lost to the societal norms mandated for us, or otherwise being pulled down by others.

    Living proof of this can be seen in the music that rules the air waves today. Furthermore, street art is at a near zilch while graffiti and vandalism is at an all time high. As the influx in population and need for control grows, so does the lack of creativity and bravery it takes to invest oneself to a piece.

    Any forlorn attempt I make at writing or drawing, even digitally, is painful. I’ve been so lost that I now attach myself to others artwork or lyrics and justify it merely by relating. Art is derived by many different elements, but it also seems to be deteriorated by many different elements as well.

    Education can not teach art. However, teachers, peers, tutors, and the like should definitely be stirring inspiration and encouragement over displaced priorities. The US has a confused society in lieu of generations before us trying to instill their values, morals, thoughts, and perceptions into us. It seems to me that population and public education are the largest battles against art. I don’t think art can be lost though, for our very means of communication for our ancestors was art. Our souls attach to music. Our brains dance in delight to a painting or mural that connects to us. All these things, should be an experience for humanity forever… however, I think if humanity continues it’s current course, art will be pushed further and further back then from where it is now.

    So what then, can be done burst a super nova of love and art into people’s lives again?

    • I honestly don’t know if I could have said it any better. My experience, living in Jordan has been that art isn’t taken as seriously as other subjects, but my generation seems to have gotten the courage to stand up and fight for the creative world. We have a long way to go, and it will be a hard battle, but its one we can still win.

      When I taught art for a year to middle school children, my main focus was to encourage my students to see art as not some intimidating idea, something they thought they could never be good at, but as a way of expressing the good, the bad, and the ugly. All art is beautiful in its own right, we simply have to see it from that perspective, and i believe its one reason people seem so confused and intimidated by it.

      My aim has always been to get a reaction out of a person. I dont care if its a good reaction or a bad one, but something that will awaken deep emotions in a person. To me, art can do that. Art is a tool to communicate with, and creativity are the ideas we use to create that communication.

      Thank you so much for your lovely words and beautiful insight! =)

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