Frankie & Alice


I have a thing for multiple personality disorder movies. I think it has to do with trying to understand the human mind. How we try and survive certain tragedies. I have always thought of the human brain as a filing shelf. Every memory has a shelf filed alone, where if certain memories and tragedies happen to us, we file it away, and open a new shelf with a new file. We organize important memories, what makes up our personalities at the top of the filing system, and the less important at the moment. Some files are locked deep in our subconscious, while others are open to view.

What little I understand of multiple personality disorder is that when a tragedy happens, something that a person simply cant get over, cant break down and analyze, that person pushes it so deep in them, as though they locked that file deep down, and opened a new file. Thus a new personality. Its a form of survival. A way of moving on from the horrors of what happened.

The movie, Frankie & Alice, was excellently made to show the importance of not only understanding multiple personality disorders, but how we as humans try to survive extreme tragedies by replacing the file, by substituting it with another, thus another personality emerging. This is an excellent movie that not only teaches you about how to understand what a person goes through, but how lonely that path to understanding oneself can be. Realizing that you are not alone, that there is someone else living in you, who is you, but not you, is extremely terrifying.

Let me know what you think!


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