Using Music to Create


I never realized how much music affected my art work until I had to create an art piece while listening to an instrumental piece of music for a project. While looking at the blank canvas, I started noticing how my mood would change depending on the music. Picking up a paint brush and starting with no plan or idea of what I was creating, I realized how much I depend on music to guide me through it. Fast beats make me paint more intensely, while calmer music creates this sort of meditating rhythm to my movement.

If instrumental music can do that to my mood, what could music with lyrics do? Think about it. Most people use music as background sound while they work, but subconsciously you are listening to every word that is being sung. Depending on the song you’re listening to will create an atmosphere and mood for your work. Does that mean I can create an art piece based on moods that are created by music? I think it would be an interesting experiment. It does make me wonder if we have control over our work then. If we sit in silence creating something, we have other things around us affecting our senses. Does that mean our art work is actually not ours at all, but is the environments work?

Above is the piece I created for my project, and the below was the piece of music listened to when creating the piece. Play the music and look at the piece. Do you see the movement of the piece based on the music? It’s fascinating, isn’t it? =)



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  1. I love this song so much! Anything to do with the Corrs is amazing!

    I love how the painting turned out. It reflects how the song goes as well. It’s so cool!

    • I love it too! =) Thank you so much! I remember sitting and wondering what the world I was going to paint and decided to go with the flow of the music. Its my favorite way of painting to be honest, so carefree and not restricted! 🙂

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