Work & Challenges!


Ive been working all day on an art piece for a really good friend of mine. A friend who not only inspires me and actually pushed me to start working more, designing more, creating more, but who convinced me to start a blog, and create a website. Thank God for him, aye? =)

Him and I are actually starting  this thing called The Offline Project, where we stop all sorts of social media. That includes Facebook, twitter and so on. I thought this would be a good idea since Im actually starting a fruits and veggies only detox for a month and a 21 day meditation challenge tomorrow. Why not add to the challenges! This will give me more time to create, blog, and catch up on me time. Yes, I said blog. I’m not stopping this, since its pretty much my work!

Heres two pictures of the work I did today! I did something else on my sketchbook, but thats not finished yet! I really need to get me a nicer camera to take pictures with! One day! Let me know what you think and keep me in your thoughts, im going to be going through one intense challenge filled month! =)



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