Changing the World with Art


I’ve always said art can change the world, and I believe it to be true, 100%. I saw this video today and it really got to me. I know a lot of people believe they can’t change the world, but I don’t believe that to be true. Educating the world is the most important way of changing anything from negative to positive. It doesn’t have to be where you stand out side screaming with signs, or trying to get people to sign petitions. I’m not saying those things aren’t good and effective ways, they are, but some people get so discouraged when they believe thats all they can do.

Art can create a conversation. It can start a dialog and it can bring peoples attention to the cause. There are people in the world who are visual. Its the way they learn, and its the way you grasp their attention. If we are trying to change the world for the better, why not use every form of communication we can? Why aren’t we using the arts, music and even videos? Below is the video I watched. If you don’t believe in visual communication, this should prove you wrong.

You may not believe that you, one in a billion, can change the world, but you are wrong. One person seeing your work, seeing your videos, listening to your music, can create an audience, that can create a movement, that can change the world. If you can’t afford to help with money, try with your artistic ability. Create something. Share it. Involve others.

I hope this moves you as much as it moved me.


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  1. I watched this just last night, right before I went to bed. I loved this video, and I appreciated what it is trying to do. Individually, we can seldom make a difference, but once we stand together, our voices can be heard.

    True, some of us believe we can’t change the world- well we can’t do it by ourselves. By getting educated, and by banding together with other people who want to accomplish the same goal, that is where change begins.

    I’m in college. I don’t have a lot of extra money, but even I can help. I have friends, and I am a part of dozens of different social networks. There’s my gaming guilds, college groups & clubs, facebook friends, twitter followers, youtube subscribers, etc! If I can do anything, I can spread the word, and I’m sure there’s at least one other person who will see my message. That one person keeps me going, and I will always do what I believe is right, no matter what. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing! It’s good to see this video making its way across the internet! KONY 2012!

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