Are you living your dream?



Are you living your dream? A question I ask myself a lot. I have all these high expectations for myself and always have this fear that the years will zoom past me and I won’t have done what I have dreamed of doing. I fear that one day I will be laying on my dying bed asking myself “What if?”.. Is that depressing at all?

I do have to say, I never thought in a million years that I would be doing what I am… Or that I would have done what I have. It’s funny how we have such low expectations for ourselves, never realizing what we are capable of. Maybe it’s just me, maybe most people aren’t like that. Either way, I would have never thought that my work would expand beyond art, or painting for that matter. I graduated with a Graphic Design degree and assumed that I would work in the Design field, but I would mostly stick with art. The last few years my interests have grown beyond art and design. I fell in love with make-up design, film-making, animation, blogging, installation work, and more.

Dreams are helpful. They make you believe that all things are possible, and attainable. They give people hope and inspiration. I guess what I’m trying to say is never give up on your dreams. They make you who you are and who you want to be. Dreams inspire people not only to do what they always wanted to, but to push them to try new things they never thought they would ever love or enjoy.

In a few words, dreams are good. Day dreaming… Even better! =)




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