Bad News


I have some bad news. One of the sketchbooks, the one in Texas, has been officially lost. I e-mailed the person asking if they were prepared to receive it in which they said yes, but had forgotten to give me their new address. It was supposedly sent to the new address by whoever signed for it at the old, but was never received. Thus lost.

I want to sincerely apologize to everyone who participated in this particular sketchbook. I’m extremely upset and I feel terrible that peoples work, incredible work, and their time has been wasted. We knew there was a risk of it getting lost, or someone never sending it out, but when it happens, it stings.

I want to be able to figure out another way where peoples work is guaranteed to get to me safely, and have decided that if anyone is interested in doing a piece and sending it directly to me, where I glue it into a sketchbook, then they are more then welcome to. You can still receive the sketchbook if you like, but I urge you to be extremely careful with it.

Please realize that purchasing the sketchbook is from what little money I have, and it traveling the world is only possible by the people involved by sending it with their money. Not mentioning all the time and effort people have put in to their pieces. Please be considerate of their time, and their trust in believing that people will continue to be careful with the sketchbook and sending it out.

If you are wanting to be involved, or have sent me your addresses, please make sure to continue to check your e-mails, and to stay in contact with me when I send out an e-mail. I need to be able to reach you, incase you are the next person in line, or contact you to know if it reached you and when you will be sending it out and to who. I truly hope people will take this seriously and be responsible with everyones pieces. If by chance you lose it, you are responsible for purchasing a sketchbook of equal or more value. I can not urge this enough. I simply can’t afford to be sending out sketchbooks each time they get lost.

I will be sending out, yet again, another two sketchbooks since the person is not responding to my e-mails. One wil hopefully go back to the first person who started the sketchbook, and the other to California, since they have the most people in line waiting for it.

If you are interested in starting right away, and would like to send me your piece, please e-mail me at: and I will send you my address.

I will be contacting the people whose work was involved, in hopes they would like to redo a piece. Again, I am truly sorry.


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    • This sketchbook only went past a couple of people. It took 3 or so weeks to reach Hawaii, and then back from there, and then some problems with the rest of the people shipping it out in 3 days. Where do you live Sam? If you like you can start a sketchbook in your area. Contact me for more information please! 🙂

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