Why You Will Fail to Have a Great Career


I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, I’ve been busy finishing up a very important project that has taken up every free minute I have had, but I am back again! Yay! I’ll update on that later =)

I came across this TED talk that really got me thinking. Larry Smith talks about how people will fail to have a great career in a funny and right to the point talk. He speaks about all the excuses people give when they fail to pursue their passions.  Most of us don’t think about it. Finding ones passion is a life long journey, yet when you speak to people about why they dont pursue certain things they always have an excuse of not having enough money, time, family gets in the way, etc. All good excuses, Im sure, but what happened to dreaming? To trying no matter what? To finding unconventional ways of getting around such excuses? When did everything turn into convenience? We are talking about our passions, what lights a fire within us! When did having time to create that piece of art that completes us require time and  needed to fit into a set of schedules?

I think about this and I wonder about everything else in our lives that we decided to put in the back burner. Losing those 10 pounds, getting in shape, having a family, even going back to school to learn a new trade. When did life take control of us and set rules for us? Why are we so scared of stepping up to the plate and believing that no matter what we can accomplish the impossible. We hear stories of incredibly inspiring people whom conquer their fears and do the impossible and we wonder why we can’t do the same. Maybe because we really don’t want it as much as they did. Maybe because we give such excuses.


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