Inspiration from the Dark


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“Art is a lie that makes us realize truth, at least the truth that is given us to understand.” -Pablo Picasso

Years ago, when I was still attending university, I took a Greek Art History class and I sat next to a quiet shy girl. Who would have known we would have become good friends and she would inspire me through her photography. Marianna Chambard is not only a photographer, but paints, does printmaking and I have seen pictures of her baking but have not had the pleasure of tasting anything just yet!

Marianna is fascinated by light and inspired by nature. Whenever she feels she needs to get out of a rut, or to be inspired she takes walks on trails or around her neighborhood. Films also inspire her to recreate places or expand her vision. She has recently gotten into the history of Woman and has been inspiring her work lately.

In her night photography she tries to convey the message of embracing night and not being scared of it. She wants the viewer to see it for the beauty, excitement and mystery it holds for each one of us. She likes to show how light creates pathways of safety for us in dark times.

Marianna graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography and a Bachelors of Art in Art History and Visual Culture. She currently resides in Shasta Lake which is quite different from the Bay Area. She loves Banksy, is addicted to cheesy love mystery books, and traveling.

Marianna’s work is exquisit. Being fascinated by light and dark I find myself at times just going through her thousands of pictures looking for inspiration. Her series, The Hidden Truth of Our Childhood, will be exhibited in the lobby as part of Salon des Refuses which will hang from May through June 23 at the Chico Art Center in California.

Not only do I admire her as a friend, but I respect her as an artist, photographer and a woman who will change the way we look at night and at photographs.

To check out Marianna’s work:


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