Good vs. Evil


I’m sitting here wanting to blog but not sure what to blog about. I was talking to a friend today and he mentioned how I always see good in everyone. To me, everyone is always nice with good intentions, even when they aren’t. I don’t see the issue there, I don’t think he saw an issue either but was pointing it out. I tried explaining why I like to be the way I am and how I find it worth it, even if in the end I get hurt by people. I just don’t understand what a life I would lead seeing how others are evil and out to get me. I also believe that people need someone to believe in them without any agenda, it allows them to see good qualities in them and what they are capable of being.

I see it the same way I try and see beauty in everyone. When I look at people I look for the beautiful inside and out of them. I understand that people are human who make mistakes. Why should I judge others when I am human who makes mistakes as well? Maybe I get hurt this way, maybe I get disappointed, but honestly, it’s worth it to me when I find someone who can see me for who I am and appreciate it. It may not happen but once in 10 years, but it is worth it.

I thought I would share these posters I found online that are beautifully designed and say so much! Enjoy! =)


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