Autism Video


I came across this video of a girl named Carly, who is autistic with incredible intelligence. Watching this video gave me mixed emotions. I was happy and hopeful to see what I believed to be true since teaching and working with a few autistic children. They are all like any other kid, their brains just seem to put more energy into one particular section in their brains then another. For example, I taught a kid who could draw you in a few seconds and notice the details in your skin, the folds in your shirt, the few hairs sticking straight up in your bangs. He was incredible, yet he couldnt get the confidence to be in a group, or to try new things. As though all the blood was flowing to the artistic side of his brain and not into the social side. Don’t get me wrong, I have not studied nor really looked into the science behind it, all my opinions come from working with a few sweet children.

Watching this video also scared me, and upset me because if this little girl could speak out about the pain, hurt, and the suffering she deals with every day, while having such loving and supportive parents, I can only imagine what other children who dont have that love and support are going through. I wanted to share this because I want to show others how every act of kindness, and every mean act does have consequences, and does affect someones life, even those who you seem to think can’t comprehend, or understand it. I want to show this video because people need to understand that every life is important, human, or animal. That everyone deserves a chance and that “normal” is different for each person and more of an opinion then an actual fact.

What do you guys think?


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  1. This video was incredible. I plan on being an occupational therapist to work with children with disabilities. To see a child’s progress is amazing, regardless of which end of the autism spectrum they are on. My mother is a nanny specializing in taking care of children with disabilities, and she is currently working with a five-year-old boy with autism. We first met him at age two, when he couldn’t speak and barely noticed his parents. He also used to stim a lot, which is the rocking back-and-forth motions or banging against things to block out sensory overload. Now, he talks up a storm, runs to both of his parents, and has one of the most incredible imaginations that I’ve ever seen. He, like Carly, also knows that he is autistic and is different from “normal” children his age, and endures hours of different therapies. The amount of progress he makes each day is astounding.

    This video, personally, reminded of why I want to help children with autism and how much progress can be made with parental support and different therapy techniques. I’m also glad that more awareness is being brought up about autism because it’s on the rise around the world and parents need to be aware. One in 110 children and one in 88 boys are diagnosed with autism each year. Awareness needs to occur in order to fund-raise for autism research, and to show people that autistic children are not “stupid.” They are extremely intelligent individuals, but they’re brains work differently than the average brain and they have trouble associating with people.

    Thank you so much for sharing this video!

    • I absolutely loved your response Nicole! Everything you said is so true and I am so thankful knowing that there are people like you and your mother out there working to change the world! Thank you both and thank you for such a sweet comment! 🙂

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