Talent In The Middle East


I have had the privilege of getting to know an incredibly talented guy who grabbed my attention when he created the video Fifty People One Question – United Arab Emirates in spirit of the videos being done for the project Fifty People One Question, videos exploring human connections through people and place. He grabbed my attention because for a long time I had wanted to create such a video in Amman, Jordan and I found someone in the Middle East who had the same passion as mine and loved the unconventional.

Ahmad Samara was born on June 15th, 1986 in Tulkarem, Palestine. He actually graduated with a Bachelors degree in Accounting but has always been  in love with the Arts. He was interested in photography and so began taking photographs as a hobby. He wanted something that would challenge him further, so with the encouragement and help of his family and friends he started to make films through digital media.

Through his hard work and talent, Ahmad was chosen from a few talented people to attend the digital filmmaking workshop at the Royal Film Commission Jordan in 2008, in collaboration with the University of Southern California. Having been given this incredible opportunity, Samara was able to learn the different aspects of filmmaking including Directing, Writing, and Cinematography, including the technical aspects of advanced filmmaking.

With his love for filmmaking in his heart, and his new knowledge, Ahmad Samara wrote, directed, and produced his short film “Relief” in 2009, followed  by “Desire” in late September.

What really drew me to Ahmad was his passion for filmmaking. Speaking with him, you can see his eyes wild with excitement and how eager he is to learn more about the creative world. He has this dream of making films that he wants to be able to not only show to his country, but the world. He believes and is excited to one day open Samara Pictures where he will continue doing artistic and professional films for the world to see.

Check out his Youtube Channel!


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