Sketchbook Guilt


I’m having issues with my sketchbook! Well, I have a few of them, but I always carry one in my purse, which of course makes my purse extremely heavy, but what if there’s a chance of a few minutes, waiting for a friend, drinking coffee, or what not, and being able to sketch an idea that comes to me? Thus lugging around what feels like bricks! I know what your thinking, totally worth it!

I’m working on a huge art piece that’s taking a lot longer then I thought, but as detailed as it is, I would rather take my time, then work on something that looks like I didn’t take the time it needed. I look at my sketchbooks and feel like I need to be filling them up. That the pages should be filled with incredible pieces of work. The sketchbook in my purse is empty. It’s a new sketchbook, but there’s only maybe a page or two of work, and the pages aren’t even filled with much. It’s like I have this fear of creating something that isn’t good in my eyes, even if it’s in a sketchbook. The name says it all… ‘Sketch’, it shouldn’t be perfect. It should simply be where I can put down ideas for work I will do in the future, or simply to put down ideas that keep floating in my mind and a way of shutting my mind off. So, why do I feel so guilty?

Do any of you guys have that issue?



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  1. I used to have that issue when I felt like my drawings weren’t good enough for a virgin sketchbook. Eventually, I overcame that fear. I takes me a few months to fill up one 100-something page sketchbook, so you’ll have a new one to fuss over, eventually. Just don’t let yourself keep you from getting your thoughts down. Every idea is precious, and if you are capable of getting it on paper, don’t let that opportunity pass by! You know those ideas don’t last very long. 🙂

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