99 Feelings


I came across this video and had to share because it explains a lot about what many people around the world are feeling at this given moment. A ceramicist, Mitsy Sleurs, visualizes 99 feelings by creating 99 Matryoshka dolls, which in turn become 99 works of art.

Many people seem to think that feelings are quite black and white. We feel angry, happy, sad, jealous, scared, etc. but what about feelings that aren’t as intense as those? What about the feelings of awkwardness, denial, resentment and so much more? Many people go through life not understanding or coping with the feelings they are having, let alone accepting them as being part of the human experience. What Mitsy did here was explore feelings, any feeling, and confronted them head on by creating beautiful art pieces out of them.

Incredible work with a soul and a story in each one. You can visit Mitsy’s Etsy shop / ArtMind for more information and to purchase these beautiful pieces.


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