27 Lessons Learned


I thought since I’m turning 27 today, or actually have turned 27, I would do something simple and talk about 27 life lessons I have learned through my 27 years of living. Simple wisdoms and random observations I’ve had through out the years. Not to say I am wise at all, probably far from it, but this should be interesting either way! Hopefully I can come up with 27! =)

1) Find your mission and purpose in life. Nothing you are passionate about is ever silly and stupid.

2) If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will.

3) Get the right amount of sleep for your body. I work best sleeping 5-6 hours it seems.

4) Challenging your fears builds your character.

5) Go organic as much as possible. Your body will thank you. Our earth will too.

6) Mingle with people you don’t know, or have anything in common with. You would be surprised how connected all us humans are to each other, and you may make a friend for life.

7) Stop stressing about things you have no control over. If you can do something about a problem, what is there to worry about? If you can’t do something about a problem, then what is there to worry about?

8) Practice not gossiping and talking about others. You will be happier, and less stressed.

9) Pick your battles. Sometimes it is best to simply walk away, apologize first, or not even bring that problem up.

10) Be forgiving, but don’t be naive. People do deserve a second chance. We all are human, and we all make mistakes, but don’t let them take advantage of your kindness.

11) Travel as much as your budget allows you. Learn about different cultures, and experience life!

12) Learn compassion.

13) Help those in need. It could be you one day.

14) Listen more than you speak.

15) Ask questions and demand answers. No one will think you are stupid, and if they do, then they don’t understand that life is all about learning.

16) A shower a day, keeps the flies away. Just sayen’!

17) Allow yourself to daydream.

18) Be yourself no matter what. Living a lie gets exhausting.

19) Listen to what elders and children have to say. Elders have experience, while children see things a lot simpler  without the jumble of every day chaos.

20) Feel. Stop trying to numb yourself with every day routine. Do something different every day to remind yourself you are alive.

21) Be alone and love it. Nothing is more important than enjoying your own company.

22) We all have a little crazy in us, some people simply know how to use theirs to their benefit.

23) Don’t believe anything you hear if you don’t see it with your own eyes. Life has been photoshopped so much, people can’t distinguish between reality and fantasy.

24) Stop judging people. You don’t know their story.

25) You do not need a man, nor a woman to feel whole. You are whole.

26) Social media is great. Life is even better.

27) Give life, people, and yourself a chance. They can all surprise you.


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