Doors! Doors! And More Doors!


I never realized how fascinated I was with doors until I started pinning on Pinterest and had to create a board only for them. I was thinking about why I seem so intrigued by them and I have come to realize that not only is it the design of each door, or color of each one, but the idea that each piece has a personality for that given entrance. It is like a simple introduction to where you are entering. A door leads to an area, most probably a private area, since most people need to actually walk through that door. An area only some are welcome to and it allows that person to see inside of an area that may be a personal for that owner. A home for instance. Not anyone can enter another persons home, but if you do, you meet a part of them that is personal. They store their personal items there, they showcase their taste, the colors they love, the important trinkets and objects they display around the house. It tells a story. A personal story about them as a person and about their life.

Each door is different, filled with history and stories. Each door has a soul. Imagine all the people who have had to walk through that door. Who have touched the handle, who have waited for someone to answer their knock. Its quite incredible. Because of all this, I decided to share with you some of the most incredibly designed doors I have collected on Pinterest from around the world! Which one is your favorite?

Source: via Madaline on Pinterest


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  1. I can’t choose – each is so different, and a wonderful representation of its culture, architecture or time … which world – represented by one of these doors – would I like to enter? Maybe the time of whimsy and optimism represented by the second?

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