I have been busy working on sketches for art pieces I will be working on for the next few weeks, maybe even months.I picked up a paintbrush today and painted a little using thick acrylic paint and it really made me miss the days when I used to sit for hours on end simply painting one painting after the next. What happened to those days? When all that mattered was what the next painting would be, or the excitement I got from entering an art studio that smelled like paint and paint thinner and looked as though a paint bomb had gone off on everything in the room, including the ceiling!

Has life truly taken ahold of me and made me lose the ability to push it aside to simply paint? Is having a space to paint in that important where it stops me from painting for months, even years? Am I simply so scared of picking up a paint brush because I’m afraid I won’t be as good as I used to be? I know I won’t, but I think it’s knowing exactly how rusty I have become that scares me most of all!

Either way, heres a sketch (and I use the word sketch loosely since it really is terrible) of a piece I am thinking of creating. The colors will not be those exact colors, these are too dark and Im thinking of doing different hues of red, oranges and yellow, but the concept will be the same. The art piece will be a lot larger, so the pieces would be a lot smaller. I am also working on sketches for an art piece I am trying to create for one of my best friends who is a painter and inspires me everyday. She is getting married this July and I am so happy for her! Let’s hope this piece I’m working out (I don’t have pictures of it yet!) will be incredibly beautiful and she will love it! *fingers crossed*


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