I have been so productive lately that I just can’t seem to get myself to stop. Not that I want to stop, I’m doing good, I’m inspired, and I’m keeping busy. Best feelings in the world. I have been working on the sketch for the piece I will be doing for my friend as her wedding gift, but in the process I have also been working on side pieces to keep my creative juices flowing. You can’t have enough ideas right?

The first piece was done for a friend of mine who liked another piece I had created using wave-like motions with paint, but wanted the colors to represent the Palestinian flag. When done, I came to realize that this piece actually represented every country in the Middle East! It’s kind of nice, as though we are all intertwined one way or another. I gave it to her today, and I do really hope she likes it. It’s a close up of the piece, because I like you be able to see the strokes of paint, but when looked at in real life, the colors fuse together better!

The second piece started out as something and ended up as something else! I love when that happens. So many people are so scared of making mistakes with their art, but sometimes, those mistakes are what make the piece interesting. What brings it alive. I’m obviously obsessed with lines, never really realized that until now, but I love the continuity it brings and how it ties everything together.

What do you guys think of them? Would you recommend any changes at all?

I’m off to work on the other sketch! Hopefully it will be finished today!



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