Stately Sandwiches


I wanted to share something I came across the other day that I thought was super neat. Kelly Pratt, an Art Director / Designer created a project called “Stately Sandwiches” where she set out to make a sandwich for each of the 50 states in the United States to help work on her photography and design skills. She believes that making good sandwiches is an art form in itself and so decided to bring her two loves together to form a brilliant project. What better way is there to showcase good design but with using food!

What I love about these prints are the simplicity of the concept and the execution of them. These prints are proof that less is really more. They provide the information needed without all the extra useless decoration. Each ingredient is showcased and placed carefully and was considered separately and together with the entire piece. Beautifully done! Which one is your favorite? I am partial to California, but then again, they all have their unique qualities!

Below are a few of her prints and if you would like to buy a print, go here!




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