Delicate Blues Part 2


I’ve been promising to show you all the piece I created for my best friend’s wedding, and I am finally going to do that! I decided to choose the colors I did because of the delicacy it brought to the piece and the color of her eyes (turns out her husbands eyes as well! Double score!). It took me a while to create, simply because I was so scared of messing it up and as you all know I usually don’t sketch out my pieces, but simply create. With this one, I had to. It came out really well, and her husband and her seem to really love it, so that is all that matters to me! Of course, traveling with the piece was a little hectic. I was worried it would get smashed, or even worse, my luggage getting lose or stolen, but with great packaging all and trying my hardest to keep my eyes on it, all was well. I used this super heavy duty roll, sort of like what remains from aluminum roll, but harder, and rolled it and inserted it into it, it kept it really well, and reached my friend safely! Since the sketch was called “Delicate Blues”, I decided this one should simply be called the same thing. I am really terrible at naming my art pieces and this seems the easiest way.

The trip was great, a much needed break from all the typical hectic-ness of life, but now that I am back, I need to get myself on a better schedule. I finally started a new piece, and had enough paint left over to start another piece in my sketchbook. So, I am in the process of creating two new pieces, so far! I am trying to create less in my sketchbook, and more piece that I can use to exhibit. Let us hope I can get my pace back up and start working on many pieces.

Let me know what you guys think of the piece, and if there is anything you would like me to experiment with, or change in my next coming ones! I would love to hear from you guys!


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