Layers of Consciousness


I’ve been trying to generate more art pieces lately so I can have a collection to try and get a gallery show with. I have a bad habit of creating pieces and giving them away as gifts or simply working in my sketchbook! It isn’t a bad thing, I love seeing someone seeing their piece for the first time and loving it, but I end up with nothing to put in a gallery! Hopefully I keep working at it and have a few incredible pieces to put up that people will love to see! Below is the piece I finisher today. It looks a little washed out, and that is just because of the camera, and not having enough natural light I’m afraid. I’m trying to figure out a way of pushing my art even more, and at the moment, I seem a little blocked. I think I need to find some inspiration!

Let me know how you like this piece, and of course, any feedback, comments or suggestions are always welcome!


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