Lost in Creation


I have been sitting for a few days staring at a few unfinished art pieces not sure where they should be heading. It is so frustrating to me to look at a piece, and not know where to take it.. if I should even take it anywhere at all, or scratch it and move on to something else. I became so obsessed that all I could think about were these pieces. What I should do to them, what I shouldn’t and it got to the point where I started questioning every decision I was thinking to take towards them at all. Art shouldn’t be that way. Yes, it’s nice to take the time to think about your piece, but i don’t want it to get to the point where the piece is forced, simply to finish it. It is nice to have finished pieces, but maybe each piece takes it own time to develop. Maybe there is something missing because you haven’t experienced it yet, or haven’t been able to put it into an art form just yet.

I have mixed feelings about knowing where an art piece should head. Sketching out a piece is great, but it sort of confines you to the perimeters of those sketches. You tend to stick to sketches and ignore the feelings of spontaneity that happen when working on a piece. I have found that while working on something, I am inspired by the unfinished piece and tend to sometimes move in a complete different direction. It is one reason why I tend to stare at a blank canvas and simply start creating what I am feeling at that moment. It’s freeing. It builds confidence in me, and makes me explore whatever emotion I am feeling at that given moment. It may actually explain a lot about some of my pieces feeling so emotional, so many emotions drifting on a canvas because it takes days, weeks and sometimes even months to complete. I could be creating a piece with so many different emotions, fighting against or with each other, all on one canvas.

It may be one reason I love painting so much. The simplicity of grabbing a color and with all the raw emotion I have, painting something that expresses everything inside of me that I can not seem to be able to express through words or actions. I sometimes feel caged and pushed into a corner and having this ability to simply let loose brings out my true self. I am not afraid any more, and I can simply be. It may be the reason why the love I have for art is so great. It could also be the reason why I create in the first place.

Here’s a piece Ive worked on that moved into a completely different direction. It is one piece I am not sure where to go with next. It needs something. What it is, I am not sure, but I am letting it be, until it speaks to me. I refuse to shove it into a direction it doesn’t want to go. For now, I move on to a white page on my sketchbook and create something else. Let us hope it inspires me again to start creating larger pieces. I feel some what lost at the moment, and I’m trying my best to come back to where I was. Any suggestions on this piece would be appreciated. Do you think it needs something? Does it speak to you, and if it does, what is it saying? I do need to let you know, the piece is a lot more detailed and brighter in real life. The brush strokes show up more clearly when seen in front of you!


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