Suspicious Eyes




Another art piece completed yesterday night, and I am finally sitting down to show you guys! I think it came out really nicely, with the bright colors and black pattern! A friend of mine named the piece for me “Suspicious Eyes”, since he said it reminded him of them. Now that he said that, I can see really pushing it even more to something completely different, but I need to keep some ideas for other pieces! =)

I am always happiest walking into an art store, seeing all the colors of the different paints, colored pencils, spray paint, all the unused sketchbooks and card-stock waiting to be used and made into incredible creative pieces.. So much potential! I get giddy just thinking about it! I don’t think I know any other person who gets excited about walking into a store and forking over their cash (though, sometimes I do feel like crying when handing them my money, lol)! I bought a few things I needed (you can never have too many black, gold, and silver ink markers!), and some more card-stock to encourage myself to move away from my sketchbook, which   I do adore, to loose art pieces I can actually frame!

I didn’t work on anything today due to lack of sleep, but tomorrow is a new day with so many new and creative opportunities! What do you guys think of my new piece?


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