Coffee Cup Art


A friend of mine is really into creating art on coffee cups, and I remember seeing a great artist who actually did this successfully and wanted to share. Cheeming Boey, known as Boey, is a Malaysian artist known for his illustrations and coffee cup art. What I love about his work is he takes an every day item, an item that is disposable, and makes it into something beautiful. He makes it into a piece of art.

His work is a great example of how art doesn’t need to be on a canvas, but anything can be used to create an art piece. It is not only thinking and creating outside of the box, but actually taking the box and creating something out of it in itself. These are a few of some of his great work! You can also follow him on Twitter @iamboey , or by visiting his website.


canabalt (2)

ooh my godo


本是同根生 (1)

the mafia

harder faster

i'm a turtle (4)


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