Paper Marbling


I came across this video today about paper marbling and was too excited not to share. Paper marbling is a process of a liquid surface design, which can create smooth patterns similar to stone or marble. The patterns are created by floating color on plain water or a sticky solution called size and then carefully transferred to an absorbant surface, like paper or fabric. I was so excited when I learned about this art form because it reminds me a lot of my art work and the calmness one has when working. Below is a video of pieces being made and you will notice the subtle movement of an object against the surface creates such beautiful design by moving color across each other. The end result provides a piece that is so smooth it reminds me of the beautiful marble found in Jordan, with the patterns and designs so intricate yet each piece could be completely different.

I would love to be able to learn how to create such pieces. It is so exciting to watch all the colors being used to create pieces that are so abstract and beautiful. It also makes me wonder about the time it takes and energy in trying not to make mistakes, though, I am assuming, when mistakes are made, they are used as part of the art piece. I think it would be such an incredible way of becoming comfortable with ones mistakes and how making them can lead pieces down interesting paths not thought of before. What do you guys think? I absolutely love them!



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