Cornelia Konrads’ Art


Cornelia Konrads‘ work is exquisit. An artist that not only creates art pieces made for a specific place, but uses found objects and defies gravity all in one. Her pieces are eerily and quietly beautiful, floating in front of you, as if in peace and content. In some ways it makes me feel as if they are stuck in limbo, not quite sure what to do, fly away or fall to the ground, yet in that uncertainty comes a silent confidence, in floating there in peace. Incredible works, that truly take land art, or as she likes to call it “Site specific art” to another level. What do you guys think?


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  1. One can’t help but be reminded of Andy Goldsworthy; but her integration of the natural and man-made architectural environment, and the sense of motion and balance, seem unique and exciting.

  2. Reblogged this on cowardlyconfident and commented:
    I found these works absolutely intriguing! The way Cornelia Konrads portrays her pieces, I believe, leaves each person with a different feeling. I love that almost all of the components she uses are natural, and though they may be out of place, it seems as though they are meant to be there. It isn’t often that photography leaves me thinking, so I must say to her, bravo. You have definitely changed the way I look at pictures!

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