Dedicated To My Friends <3


I’ve been thinking a lot about how I get so energized and inspired by my creative friends.  Speaking to them about different projects, throwing ideas back and forth, neat things we’ve seen that others may be interested in, and anything that gets our juices flowing about art, music, films, and dream projects we wished we had the money to start. It truly is good to have friends who create such a safe environment where I feel not only like I can be myself, but that I can share silly ideas that may be disasters in real life with. People I trust and know will encourage me to do these crazy projects, knowing it will probably push me to doing something I would be too scared to do if not for their encouragement.

I guess this really isn’t about anything but the importance of surrounding one’s self with creative thinkers. People who not only think outside the box, but take that box and recreate it, design it, and build it into another form. This isn’t only for creative or artistic people; this is for anyone wanting to be a well-rounded person. I, for one, believe that surrounding yourself with people that light a fire inside of you, and encourage your passion to grow are people you need to be around.

I think this is mostly a thank you to everyone who has ever pushed me with my art work, encouraged me to keep at it, and who always seems excited to talk about my ideas with me. To the people who always had something to say wether negative or positive, and to the people who showed such enthusiasm when I talked about working on another piece.. You guys are who keep me going, who without you guys, I truly couldn’t do it. You all are my rock, and I love you guys! Thank you ❤


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