Art Piece Update


I seem to get so excited about working on art pieces that I forget everything else. I’m actually in the process of working on about 3 pieces, two of which are in my sketchbook, while one is a larger one that will eventually be framed. I’m actually super excited with all 3, but the larger of them is turning out incredible. What is strange is with this piece, time seemed to fly by. I guess I was enjoying myself immensely. It’s about time I start thinking about what other piece I will be working on after this one, and I have so many different ideas, wanting to go in so many different directions.

I would love to start creating political messages, yet I feel somewhat confined. I’m not sure what the restrictions would be other than the language barrier. I know I speak Arabic, and I’m living in Jordan, but I still feel somewhat like an outsider. Arabic is pretty much my second language, and understanding the political statements, and objectives is somewhat difficult for me. Creating a piece that shocks people would be great, but I also have to respect that culture. I want to be able to deliver a message that is remembered, respected, accepted, and still creative and artsy. How do I do all that at once? This is what has been going through my mind these last few days. I have a few ideas I would love to be able to explore, but funds and resources are another issue. I guess nothing worth doing does come easy, and at least I have supportive friends who would help me as much as possible.

Either way, here is what the art piece looked like a week ago. It definitely looks different now, and I can’t wait to show it to you guys. All that’s left is a little inking and then outlining. I’m hoping by the end of the week it should be complete!


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