The Tree of Life


Created for a very special friend of mine who has always been there for me, and supported me through all things, hard times, and not. This art piece is dedicated to her. “The Tree of Life” was named that way because, per her request, she wanted a tree at the center, and I worked my way outwards. The piece is trying to show the life cycle of life it self. The tree symbolizing life, earth, humanity, and souls, reaching out, growing, extending towards things, trying to understand their purpose.

The colors, not only represent her spirit, but nature and life in general. I wanted to create sort of a clash between the background paint, creating intense and harsh brush strokes to show that not all things that look calm, are actually calm. The colors are happy, natural, and in essence, at peace. They don’t give you a reaction of anger, aggression or danger, yet the brush strokes are heavy and quick, creating energy within the piece. While the design work is calm and peaceful. I wanted to show the juxtaposition of each medium, and each process.

In a lot of ways, this piece symbolizes my friend. Her personality, the way she is, the way she thinks and the way I love her. In a lot of ways its a symbol of my own personality, how I am, and the calmness and peace that I seek each and every day. Maybe its a symbol of every person.

To you Farah. For being who you are, and who you strive to be. Thank you for everything.


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