I have been working on this piece off and on for some time now. Since I had so many large pieces to work on, this one was in my sketchbook and was worked on when I travelled around to work, up north to a village I teach art at, or sitting at a coffee shop. It allowed me to keep working on art, even when I didn’t want to carry around large pieces everywhere I went.

I couldn’t figure out a name for the art piece, so I let my Facebook art fans decide on one. So many were so good, but none seem to hit it on the nail. I kept concentrating on the shadows, how they seemed to be a little tense, and showed movement, and I simply couldnt get it out of my mind. Becky Baer Seitsinger came up with a name I loved, “Kaleidoscope”. It explained so much, from the movement, to the colors, to the change in direction… It fit perfectly. Thank you Becky! 🙂

Let me know what you guys think. Does the name fit it well? Would you have decided on another name? If so, what?


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