California Feeling


When I work on large art pieces and I have a little more paint on my palette, I like to create something small in my sketchbook and then come back to it later, when I’m traveling and can’t carry large pieces with me. It’s mostly small sketches of something I would create into a larger piece.

After finishing the half meter art piece, I started finishing pieces in my sketchbook that were still not finished. I wanted to change my style somewhat, yet still use the same lines that I usually use, and by doing so, I came up with this. I actually like it. It isn’t the typical circular designs I create, it’s more geometric, yet it seems to work well with the color palette. I tried concentrating not only on the positive space, but the negative space as well. If you look between the lines made with the black marker, you will see this sort of design happening within the piece. Two art pieces in one; the positive space creating an art piece using the black marker design, and the negative space creating a different art piece within it.

I’m  not sure what the name would be for this one, but it reminds me a lot of California beaches, with the yellows, greens and blues mixed in the background and the lines in the front reminding me of the textured lines on the bark of palm trees. Every time I look at it, I think of California. Maybe I will call it “California Feeling”. What do you guys think?



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