Think For Yourself


I finished this a week or so ago, but haven’t had a chance to breath, let alone blog.. I feel like such a terrible blogger!

With everything that is going on around the world from demonstrations, riots, people trying to tear away from the usual idea of government and demanding their rights and the simple need to live, came this art piece. I started drawing and the piece just created itself. I wanted to express the idea of everyone seems to have ended up looking, feeling, and thinking the same. That we have been conditioned to feel certain feelings at certain moments, that we constantly do the same routine and never question what authority has told us. I won’t get into politics, but I think I have come to a point in my life of creating pieces that speak something. I’ve written before how I want to communicate a message, I want to create a political piece that expresses something that bring people to attention. I don’t think this is quite the piece, since it’s a sketch, and my first, but I think I’m moving forward.

A mixed media art piece, using acrylic, markers, and newspaper, I wanted to use my normal style, yet bring it to another level. To create a piece that is the same, yet different.  With that being said, this piece was born. What I like about it is how I incorporated another material into the piece. It gives it a dimensionality that wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for it. The text on the top says “Think for yourself” is a bit sloppy, but I think I just wanted to finish it already. I am thinking of removing the text.

The idea I’m going for is to create a larger piece with a ton of these faces standing in line. Every one of them created in newspaper, or junk food wrappings and newspaper and this one face looking like this one. The only face standing out. The only one trying to walk away from the pact and think for itself.

The face looks this way because it’s generic. It’s more of a symbol than a face. It’s more of a personality, than a person. It’s an identity. An idea. An idea of trying to become your own person. To question everything, and come to a decision, and an opinion without any outside distractions (the newspaper being the distraction).

What do you guys think? Do you see what I am trying to communicate? Do mind the terrible picture quality and lighting. Too excited to post it to care about it, but it is pretty awful!



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