Man vs. Nature


I don’t think this piece could have come at a better time. With all the terrible things happening around the world, from the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, to the stabbings that happened in China, to all the killings around the world, from Egypt to Syria to all the rest of the horrors happening, I seem to have subconsciously created a piece that is trying to express the need for change. The piece is called “Man vs. Nature”, and with that so much is going on.

If we started with the circular swirls that are involved in the clouds or the movement of wind, you will notice it being extremely natural and organic. There aren’t any hard edges, or any lines that are unnatural. Since natural and organic shapes are found in nature, I found it the easiest way to express its fluidity, and simplicity. The harsher and more angular lines are a symbol of industry, and man-made objects. Of the unnatural way of bending objects for our needs or more likely our wants.

The colors express the same thing, with the natural aspect of the art piece symbolizing all the natural color and peace it can bring us. While the man-made industrial area shows the unnatural aspect. How if we let industry and society dictate life, it will take over while removing all things natural. How desensitizing ourselves from all things natural and concentrating on man-made things, we remove ourselves from humanity. We become harsh, unfeeling, without conscious.

A piece expressing my sorrow and hoping it helps open peoples eyes.




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