Secrets of a Forest


I have been itching to paint for a while. You know the kind where paint literally ends up in places you have no idea how it can reach there? Where you build up the thickness of the paint on canvas, and can interine more than one color together? That is what I’ve been wanting to do but havent found the time to. Since being snowed in for 2 straight days (yay for nothing better to do than paint and try and stay warm!), I decided what better timing than now. What inspired me was the 2nd picture, an abstract landscape by erica kirkpatrick, but I wanted to make it somewhat mine… What I did was change up the color somewhat, but I painted using the bottom tip of a pencil, and started mixing the colors together to try and give it some depth. The canvas, as usual, is too small for my piece. You would think I would learn to purchase larger size canvas, and I will. I’m thinking of starting a larger piece with somewhat the same style. I think the painting would have been a lot nicer if it was larger.

Let me know what you guys think. I named this piece “Secrets of a Forest”. There is an eerily quietness to the piece, in some way soothing to me.

Secrets of a Forest




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