Sanam – A Jordanian Game


When something catches your eye, it’s hard to look away. I am not much of a gamer, I mean, yes, I confess, I love the old school Nintendo, where I could play Super Mario for hours on end, and I was addicted to Okami, played on the Wii, but this game seems so unique, that I really do need to write about it. Maybe it’s the back story that really gets me. Not only do I know one of the developers personally, but I know the sacrifices he made to try and make his dreams come true. Who doesn’t like a good emotional story?

Sanam is a game about Fijleh, who is a radish monk with excellent experience in swordplay and weaponry  Searching for inner peace, that has been disturbed by gods who were once worshipped but have been dormant for a long time, sends him on a journey of revenge using his broccoli sword. The game is being developed by “Team Food Fighter”, a team of 4 ambitious people.

Ibrahim Yasir:  the 3D artist and Game Developer for Sanam and my personal friend (So proud of you!). He quit his job as a 3D artist to pursue his dream of creating a Jordanian video game, and with no money, but a lot of passion, he worked day and night with the team to create a game that could capture the hearts of children and adults alike.

And the rest of the team (information taken from them):

Mohammed Idrei: He dabbles in everything, has 6 years of experience as a 3D artist and he is a visual effects supervisor at B4Jordan. Mohammed is also an award winner for best visual effects for a foreign movie from Hollywood.

DurDur Draw Man: The shy concept/3D artist, has 4 years of experience in the 3D field, worked on couple of 3D feature films as a 3D artist. And Invaded Mars when it was cool, but he is that shy that doesn’t want for his name to be public yet!

Wajdi Adil Azar: The solid programmer, with 7 years of experience in programming and coding, living with “There is a script for that”.

With the unique story like that, and the incredible graphics and imagery, it is definitely a game I am looking forward to playing! The game not only needs some love and support, but it also needs some people who believe in the game and the people creating it. The developers are looking to crowd-fund the development and have set an ambitious goal of $100,000 to develop and release the game.

Check out the trailer below and they have also been mentioned on IGN Middle East which by its self is pretty intense.

To read more information, stay updated, share, and contribute (please do!): Click HERE, lets hope their dreams come true!


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