Painting Again


I started out as a painter, well, actually a doodler, but does that really count? My first love has always been painting, the feel and smell of it, the way it could change with one brush stroke, one feeling, a mix of a color. I have been so busy creating design based art pieces, that I haven’t had a chance to simply purely paint, and man  have I missed it.

Paint and I have had a love affair since I was a child. I remember when I was home alone secretly taking out newspapers, laying them on the ground, getting out the paints and painting for hours, then putting it all away so not to get into trouble for messing up the house. Sneaky of me, I know! I love to live dangerously! Getting back into painting for the reason of simply mixing colors together and seeing where my emotions lead me has been a process. I’ve been staring at this large canvas for days now, contemplating what to do with it. The canvas is 100″x70″ and yes, I have done design pieces that large, but I have not painted on one in a very long time. Walking around aimlessly, searching online for inspiration, and complaining on my Facebook and getting some rather very interesting ideas on how to break through and just paint, I decided to simply start.

I mixed paints, jammed to Santana, and started to paint. For the first time in a very long time, I was truly happy. So happy, that I have been smiling like an idiot for most of the day. I found my long lost love and I honestly do not want to give it up.

Here is part of what I have worked on, and I must tell you, the piece is unfinished and as of now, is completely filled (there is no more white space). I’m allowing it to dry some and will hopefully work on it this weekend. While letting this one dry, I have started yet another designed art piece that is about the same size as the canvas. Im looking forward to seeing where it leads me as well!

I am hoping some good things are flowing out of me creatively, let me know what you think!



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