Tranquil Serenity


Watercolor and marker seem to be my go to medium lately. Not updating for what seems forever on here makes me feel like such a bad blogger. I probably win the worst blogger of the year award, but I can at least say that I haven’t stopped working on art pieces. It has been so insanely busy, not that is any sort of excuses. People put time in, and that I shall do from now on.

Being obsessed with lines doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. I’m not sure what it is about them that calm me and bring me into such a mediating state, but they do. For some odd reason their simplicity and repetitive liquid motion seem to put me into a trance of calmness. Bring in colors and I am one happy camper! This is probably where this piece comes from. Not really planning any of it and simply letting the lines take me where it leads, I ended up with a piece that truly expresses my mood when I am in such a trance. Sort of a tranquil serenity, thus the name. I find it fits it well, with the repetitive calmness and color choice.

I really want to start a few of these in a larger format. I think I want to start studying line. Simple as it may seem, theres a lot of complexity in one little swift of a pen or pencil. Depending on your motion, the pressure that is laid on the pen, the movement of your wrist, so many different forms of lines can be created. Studying them would be quite interesting.

So, here you have it! “Tranquil Serenity”, a sketch that is a mixed medium piece created with a marker, pencil, and water color. The first image is me in the process of creating it, and the second is the finished piece.  Anyone feel like going to meditate now?

photo (5)

photo (1)


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